Arthur Jeffes

Arthur Jeffes

Arthur William Phoenix Young Jeffes (born 21 July 1978, London) is an English composer, producer, musician and arctic explorer. He is the founder and frontman of the Penguin Cafe and is one half of the band Sundog. Other work includes composing film scores and most recently producing Sam Lee’s new album out in 2015.

Jeffes was born in London to the artist Emily Young and musician and composer, Simon Jeffes. Jeffes’s interest in experimental music was recognised by his father when he took a hammer to the keys of his father’s piano. While both of his parents nurtured his musicality he was encouraged to base any career on a strong academic background. He read Archaeology and Anthropology at Trinity College, Cambridge.

In 2007, Jeffes brought together original members of the PCO for a set of memorial concerts to mark ten years since his father’s death. Encouraged by the public’s response to the concerts, Jeffes decided that keeping his father’s music alive and adding to the mythology behind the band was a worthwhile endeavour. He founded the Penguin Cafe with a brand new line-up, including Cass Browne of Gorillaz, Neil Codling of Suede, Oli Langford of Florence and the Machine and Darren Berry of Razorlight. They have released two albums, A Matter of Life… (2008) and The Red Book (2014).

In 2012, Jeffes was commissioned by the artist Nelly Ben-Hayoun to write several pieces for the NASA Kepler Project to be played by the International Space Orchestra. The pieces “1420” and “Aurora” were beamed into Space in 2013. “1420” was inspired by the WOW! Signal.

2017 sees Arthur releasing the new Penguin Cafe album with extensive touring, alongside animation and dance projects.