Concert Program, originally released in 1995, was the eighth PCO album in 19th years. It is both a live album, recorded in a studio setting, and a compilation, reprising selections from the two decades of Penguin Cafe Orchestra music, from early 'Air a Danser' and 'Music for a Found Harmonium' through 'Cage Dead', from the later released recording, Union Cafe.


  1. Air a Danser
  2. Cage Dead
  3. Organum
  4. Southern Jukebox Music
  5. Numbers 1-4
  6. Air
  7. Perpetuum Mobile
  8. Nothing Really Blue
  9. Telephone and Rubber Band
  10. Beanfields
  11. Vega
  12. Surface Tension (where the trees meet the sky)
  13. Oscar Tango
  14. Music for a Found Harmonium
  15. Lifeboat (Lovers Rock)
  16. Steady State
  17. Scherzo and Trio
  18. Giles Farnaby's Dream
  19. Salty Bean Fumble
  20. Red Shorts
  • Released: 2011