An excellent compilation of the very best of the PCO drawn from all the previous records.

It also contains three versions of the classic 'Music for a Found Harmonium' - the PCO original, a storming version by Patrick Street and a remix called 'Pandaharmonium' by The Orb.

It also contains a rarity: a short piece called 'Piano Music' which has only appeared on 'The Penguin Café Orchestra Mini-Album', a 26 minute long 'interim' album released in Japan in 1983 and featuring four tracks from previous albums and two unreleased pieces.

Simon's description of this record as a 'primer' is very appropriate.


  1. Music for a found harmonium
  2. Perpetuum Mobile
  3. Penguin Cafe single
  4. Air
  5. Telephone and rubber band
  6. Dirt
  7. Giles Farnaby's dream
  8. Oscar Tango
  9. Rosasolis
  10. Air a danser
  11. Music for a found harmonium
  12. Yodel 3
  13. White Mischief
  14. Prelude and yodel
  15. Harmonic necklace
  16. Steady state
  17. Nothing really blue
  18. Pandaharmonium
  19. Piano Music
  • Released: 1996