When In Rome


A live album of the PCO recorded at the Royal Festival Hall, London on the 9 July 1987.

Simon intended "When in Rome" to be a 'snapshot' of the PCO in its most polished form, playing a major London classical music venue to a capacity crowd of enthusiasts from all walks of life, and everybody having a lovely time.

It was all of these things and more.

From the Sunday Times 10/87
"Recorded last year in the Festival Hall, this, in effect, tells the story so far of the Penguin Café Orchestra: how, back in the early 1970s, long before world music became a media event, Jeffes made the delightful discovery that an elegant renaissance air could be successfully mated with a Venezuelan folk shuffle…"


  1. Air A Danser
  2. Yodel 1
  3. From The Colonies
  4. Southern Jukebox Music
  5. Numbers 1-4
  6. Beanfields
  7. Paul's Dance
  8. Oscar Tango
  9. Music For A Found Harmonium
  10. Isle Of View (music for helicopter pilots)
  11. Prelude and Yodel
  12. Giles Farnaby's Dream
  13. Air
  14. Dirt
  15. Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter
  16. Telephone and Rubber Band
  • Released: 1987